Michelle Henning Porcelain Jewelry Common Questions   
How do I take care of my porcelain jewelry?
The glazed porcelain needs very little care. Just wipe it gently with a soft cloth (like cotton flannel) to revive the shine and luster. The silver can be wiped with a polishing cloth, and if you have an unglazed, uncolored portion of porcelain that gets dirty, it can be brushed clean with an old toothbrush and a tiny dab of toothpaste. Make sure to rinse it well. Be careful to keep the toothpaste and brush away from the glaze and the silver, as the paste is a mild abrasive, and over time, it may scratch the glaze or the silver. We store our jewelry in small baggies, and each piece is separately wrapped in an anti-tarnish tissue.
Is this really fragile?
No! Porcelain is the strongest clay. Its particles are uniform and small. Once it is fired, the particles move close together, forming a tight unit that is incredibly strong (one of the reasons it can be used to create delicate sculpture). It retains its strength even when worked to an extreme fineness. Many of the jewelry designs have been tested successfully for daily wear over long periods of time. Just treat your porcelain jewelry with good general care: keep it clean, store it when not in use, wear ear-nuts on larger designs.
I already have some of your jewelry, can I get some other pieces to match?
Sure... You can request the pieces that you would like from the establishment where your other jewelry was purchased, or you can contact Michelle Henning Porcelain Jewelry directly, via the web, email, phone, fax or mail. It is especially helpful if you still have your jewelry card, or if you know the name of the glaze decoration of the jewelry you would like to match. It won't be exact, because each piece is completely handmade.
Do you do custom work?
Michelle is frequently asked to create a special design for someone. Contact her and she will discuss your ideas with you.

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