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When I was a child, I loved to go outdoors, find a comfy spot, and study my surroundings.

After a while, I would begin to see individual grains of sand that glittered like gems, plants that had subtle colors and textures, and societies of small creatures that didn't exist for me before I began my focused peering.

Looking for the magic within the commonplace has become a life habit.

I bring it to everything I do, including my work with porcelain clay. My style is continually evolving. The work that I am doing now utilizes color applied at different phases of the clay's maturation process. The result is an interaction between the layers of color in the porcelain and the luster on the surface of the glaze. This creates an illusion that the pattern and colors are always changing.
This Small Porcelain Pouch opens at the top. This versatile pendant can hold a tiny treasure inside. It is suspended on either side by a 24" Sterling silver chain. Shown in "Calypso Mist" glaze. Available in all Henning colors.
Michelle Henning Porcelain Jewelry

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