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Spring Trumps Winter

This is a necklace of hand-rolled beads totalling 19.5 inches. Each bead is different, inspired by the colors and richness of texture that bring to mind varied aspects of spring as it emerges, overcoming the end of winter.

Necklace is 19.5" long, of hand-formed porcelain beads which are decorated in a palette reflective of early spring shoots and late winter snow: polychrome engobes, clear glaze and luster. Strung on silk, with a hand-wrought sterling clasp.

“Spring Trumps Winter”
When the Snow still lies in patches,
On the cold, thawing ground
We know we made it through another
Season of darkness and cold.
It’s so hard to believe   
That it will ever change
Until we see the verdant greens of new
Life push their way into the landscape,
Just like every year.

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