Michelle Henning Porcelain Jewelry Colorchips Pallete   
Sunset Herbs Ocean Sky Earth Dusk
Warm shades of pink, orange, and yellow. A reminder of the sky just before the sun slips below the horizon. Olive and sage with hints of yellow brightness, reminiscent of the subtle and lively greens of a cottage herb garden. Medium blue and aqua, a reminder of the ocean and the sun's reflection of the water. Warm red-brown and olive green, inspired by the rich warmth of the soil. Purply-blue and lavender, inspired by the look of the sky after sundown and before the first star appears.
Lupine Haze New Lupine Twilight Evergreen Calypso
Lavender and pink, inspired by the vision of a field of pink Lupine flowers on a hazy late June day. A cool purple and lilac, with soft warm pink, a reminder of the fresh blues and pinks of early summer Lupines. Deep cobalt blue, fading to denim blue, a reminder of the endless blues of a twilight sky. Deep green hues and sparkling light green, inspired by variations between tops of new growth against mature greenery. A serene blend of soft gray green and vibrant light green, inspired by the image of morning mist over the early summer sea.
Michelle Henning Porcelain Jewelry

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